The printed fabric display graphic is the most important part of any display. The frames and structures we create are effectively a ‘coat hanger’ for the graphics. We use a printing process called ‘Dye Sublimation’. This type of print becomes part of the fabric it is applied to (much like your curtains or a duvet cover). This allows us to produce spectacular, vibrant images but also ensure that they are durable and reusable time after time. A silicon strip is then sewn all the way around the fabric perimeter and it is this that then pushes into the frame or lightbox. We use different types of fabric depending on whether they are to be backlit (in the case of a lightbox), front lit by the ambient light in the room (for wall mounted frames) or blackout (to avoid shadows from internal stabilisers on free standing or suspended units). Artwork guidelines will be supplied so that your artwork can be supplied to us ‘ready to print’.